Andouille: A course-ground smokey cajun sausage. Very Mild.  $4.99/lb
Beef Summer Sausage $4.99/lb.
Boudin Blanc $5.49/lb.
Bratwurst: Our most popular sausage.  A standard German sausage that will get your taste buds watering.  $4.99/lb
Chorizo: A recipe derived of a Spanish/Bask mixture.  Our spiciest sausage.  $4.99/lb. 
Pepperoni:  A great snack for the drive, camping or just for the desk drawer at work  $7.99/lb
Polish: Also known as KielbasaGarlic and Black pepper make this a delicious sausage. $4.99/lb
Potato: A Swedish sausage popular around Christmas yet we have YEAR ROUND!!  $3.89/lb.
Teriyaki Chicken: This combines bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and chicken with teriyaki to make an intriguing oriental sausage $4.59/lb
Weiners, Skinless: A homemade hotdog with real meat!!  Kids love them.  $4.99/lb
HC Weiners: Same as the Skinless Weiners only encased in a Hog casing.  $4.99/lb.
Linguisa: Course ground Portuguese sausage with fresh garlic.  $4.99/lb.
Jalapeno Cheddar Brats: Same reciepe as the bratwurst only we add Jalapeno and Cheddar cheese. Delicious!!  $4.99/lb
Chicken Sausage $3.59/lb

Garlic/Basil $3.59/lb

Teriyaki Pepper Snack Stick: $7.99/lb