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Welcome to C & L Locker in Moscow, Idaho!  Moscow's family butcher.  We sell quality meat products and also offer cold storage.   Call us at (208)882-3396, email us at cl.locker@gmail.com, or come and see us to place an order.  We're located at 1695 Hwy. 95 N. Moscow, ID 83843 and open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm as well as Saturdays 8 am to 12 pm!

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Try our Meat Bundles!

These bundles are an affordable way to beat the rising meat costs!

All of these bundles are in stock and ready for your freezer!

BBQ Bundles

Each BBQ Bundle Has:

4 - 8oz. petite Sirloin Steaks

2 packages of Boneless Chicken Breasts

1 package Pork Spareribs

2 packages of Brats

5 lbs. of ¼ lb. Xtra Lean Patties

All for Only $69.90!


Each Burger Bundle includes 25 lbs. of our delicious Extra Lean Burger!



Each Beef Bundle includes:

1 Chuck Roast
1 Shoulder Roast
2 Chuck Steaks
4 Rib Steaks
4 T-Bone Steaks
2 Sirloin Steaks
1 Package Cube Steak
2 Round Steaks
1 Rump or Heel Roast
25 IQF 1/4 lb. Lean Patties
Bulk Ground Beef (approx. 5 lbs)

45 lbs. of delicious steaks, roasts and our extra lean burger and that's all for only $247.05 ($5.49/lb)!


Each Pork Bundle includes:

1 Boneless Shoulder Roast

6 Shoulder Steaks

1 package of Country Style Spareribs

6 Rib Chops

10 Center Cut Chops

8 Loin Chops

1 E-Z Carve Loan Roast

Bulk Breakfast Sausage

30 lbs. of roasts, pork chops, and our breakfast sausage for only $104.70! ($3.49/lb)


Each Meat for a Month Bundle includes:

6 lbs. Cod Fillets

3 lbs. Sausage Patties

6 lbs. Ground Beef Patties

4.5 lbs. Pork Chops

4.5 lbs. Sirloin Tip Roast

Chickens, Whole (2)

3 lbs. Boneless Sirloin Steak

Ground Beef

45 lbs. of a variety of delicious meats for only $184.05!